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Stick death animations are GIF animations of stick figures being hurt or killed in different ways.
I may have actually invented stick death as before the internet was popular, I would draw comic strips involving stick death while at school (much to the dismay of my teachers). It wasn't until I found out about internet stick death when I got into doing computer animations.
The following are some of the earliest animations that I have done in GIF Animator. I'm not too good with frames so many of them are a little jumpy. I have just moved some to a new server with more bandwith for your enjoyment. For best results, please maximize the page to full screen

Do Not Push The Red Button!   Junior is always tempted to press a red button especially when instructed not to

Accidental Suicide                      You will never want to use a chain saw again!

MR. Fart Man                               His farts are so explosive

Phat Orange                               Don't try to shoot anything larger than what fits in your gun

If you see tanks; retreat!            Name says it all

Warm Ups                                   Never put a stick figure in the microwave

Garage Door                                Ever try to beat the door?

Natural selection Death             Don't look down the barrel if your gun does not fire

High Voltage Death                      Never try to get a kite off power lines!

Flame Thrower                              Don't try to use aerosol cans as one!

Da Bomb                                       It starts and stops

The Spammer                               You will never want to eat spam again!    

Terrorist  Death                             Never fire guns into the air

Anti Thief                                       Why you should not steal

Coke Machine                               Don't shake a vending machine to obtain a free soda

Behead-o-Matic                             An Infernal Machine

Polish Parachute                          It is suppose to open on impact

Mine sweeper                               The dreaded "Bouncing Betty" mine

Cape will not enable user to fly   Why didn't he use the elevator?

Barcode Phaser                           Don't hold up this store!

Industrial Accident                       Never reach into a machine without turning it off!

Chemistry Lesson                        Don't mess around with chemicals