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Potato guns may be a fun source of entertainment but if misused, they can also be dangerous. Although they are not considered firearms, you must treat them as if they are. Never point your potato cannon towards anything you do not intend to shoot. Always treat your potato cannon as a loaded gun even if it is empty. Never operate your potato cannon while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And of course, never look down the barrel if the cannon is fueled.
Remember to read, understand, and follow all instructions and safety rules for proper assembly and usage of these devices. Know that these can launch potatoes or any projectile at speeds of over 100 miles per hour and will seriously injure or kill if it strike a person. Potato Guns that have also been misused or improperly constructed have also been known to fail or explode, shooting pieces of broken plastic or other parts at speeds enough to cause serious injury to the shooter. Remember that materials used for construction of potato cannons are not originally intended for such purposes.
Just be safe, stay cool and use good judgement and common sense. Remember, I will not be responsible if you blast the door out of your garage, set the Christmas tree on fire, shoot a hole in the ceiling, break a window, damage your neighbor's vehicle, destroy underground irrigation lines, kill a tree, kill your pets, injure or kill someone, shoot yourself by accident, burn off your eyebrows, blind yourself, lose any extremities or body parts, burn yourself with a soldering iron, or cause any other physical injury or property damage through the construction of or usage of these devices