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Aerosol Fuels
(Aqua Net)
Pros: This is the basic for most beginners. Fairly good performance

Cons: Leaves a sticky residue in chamber. Smells bad when burned. Not very strong.
Pros: Step up from hairspray. More powerful and loud noise with orange flame           

Cons: The WD-40 Company changed the propellent from propane to carbon
dioxide so it is now nonflammable but older cans may still work.
(Right Guard)
Pros: Better than hairspray, very good power and distance plus burns cleanly.

Cons: Some brands/types may perform better than others.
Silicone Spray
Pros: Good power, large flame, loud noise and good distance

Cons: Needs a lot to work good. Smells bad when burned.
Carburetor Cleaner
Pros: Loud Bang, very good power and distance plus large flame with smoke.

Cons: Smells bad when burned, smoke, may leave residue.
Starting Fluid [Either]
Pros: Probably the most powerful of the aerosol fuels. Very loud bang and long distance.

Cons: Evaporates quickly. May be dangerous if too much is used. Leaves soot/residue.
Note: For best results, use liquid fuels in a spray bottle set for a fine mist . Spray into chamber.
(90% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol; Denatured alcohol; Methanol)
Pros: Burns very cleanly. Good but weird "poof" sound. Fair distance/perfomance

Cons: Not very strong unless a large amount is used. Sometimes stays burning instead of extinguishing (may melt some plastics). Flame is colorless and not visible unless shot at night.
RC Model Fuel
[20% nitromethanol]
Pros: Burns clean with good power. Good distance/peformance. Cool looking white flame (only visible at night).

Cons: May be hard to find (mostly available from hobby stores). Flame is colorless and not visible except at night. May melt some plastics.
Unleaded Gasoline
Pros: Readily available and easy to find. Very good power and distance plus loud boom and large yellow/orange flame.

Cons: May leave residue in chamber. Small amount of smoke. May be expensive in this day and age of high gas prices. Smells bad when burned.
White Gas
(Coleman Lantern Fuel)
Pro: Most powerful of the liquid fuels. Very good distance and performance. Very clean burning with little or no residue/gumming.

Cons: Use only a small amount. May be hard to get depending on your location (mostly available from sporting goods stores) Available mostly in the US.
Gas Fuels
Methane [Natural Gas]
Pros: Readily available and inexpensive fuel. Good power and distance. Easy to find if you have a gas stove, furnace, water heater, or fireplace. Burns clean.

Cons: Takes a while to load especially when using a stove to dispense but faster when using the fireplace gas jet. Natural gas is mostly lighter than air so you may need to hold the gun facing upward to help collect the gas. Some areas may not have natural gas service or may use propane instead
(Bernz-O-Matic; butane gas lighter refill; Chinese-made camping stove)
Pros: Easy to find, good performance/distance, clean burning.

Cons: May be hard to dispense (One method I used was to find a nozzle from an aerosol spray can that would fit onto the top stem of a butane lighter refill then spray the gas in like an aerosol fuel). Cold gas on heated plastic may cause cracking.
Propane (Coleman/Bernz-O-Matic 16 oz disposable can)
Pros: Propane is the best fuels for intermediate users. Very powerful and excellent distance. Burns cleanly.  Readily available and inexpensive.

Cons: May need a blow torch to dispense
Coleman Powermax Fuel
Pros: Very good power, distance and loud bang. Excellent cold-weather performance. This is a special high performance propane and butane mixture.

Cons: Hard to find (mostly available in sporting-goods stores). Needs a proprietary attachment and regulator/valve to dispense (I took a camp stove apart for the regulator).
Pros: Extremely powerful but fairly safe fuel. Very loud boom/noise, long distance plus large blue-orange flame.

Cons: Needs a blow torch to dispense. Leaves soot in chamber.
Pros: Extremely powerful. Most powerful and dangerous of all gas fuels. Huge boom/recoil with very large flame and very long distance (1/4-1/2 mile)

Cons: Extremely dangerous and unstable fuel (especially when a lot is used). Use only in very large plastic or all-metal guns. Recommended only for professional spudders. Needs a blow torch to dispense.
Add Ons/Oxidizers
Fuel plus oxygen
You have to be crazy to try this. Only use in a metal gun. I highly recommended this only for professional spudders. Don't try this at home kids!
Fuel plus nitrogen oxide [a.k.a. NOS]
Nitrous Oxide is also an oxidizer but is more stable than pure oxygen as the nitrogen acts as a buffering agent to slow combustion down to a safer rate.
Nitrous however is expensive to fill and sometimes hard to locate. (I'm not a ricer)

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Guest Add ON's:

Name: Vonn ishee
Fuel: mapp gas+acetylene+oxygen

Comments: Ok, so you started with hairspray, then stepped it up to propane with a torch head and you think it doesn't get better than that. Well just like with any other hobby, you have to make the spud gun bigger, better, louder, and more powerful to keep it fun. OK, so what my dad, my, uncle, and I did (with insight of others  such as electricians and engineers) came up with is this: First, we got the PVC at our hardware store and we, after a lot of searching, found out how to reduce a 6 inch diameter combustion chamber down to 1.5 inch 5 foot long barrel. OK, now the combustion chamber is huge; we have $100+ wrapped up in PVC and glue alone. Now due to past gunning experience, I knew getting a lot of gas in this thing and getting it to ignite properly is going to be hard to do. I'm not explaining how we did it but we went to a gun/knive show and purchased a 150$ stun gun and wired it to the combustion chamber so it sets off 5 sparks huge huge sparks (makes it sound cheesy.) Anyway we got all sparks to go off at the same time in the middle of the chamber for maximum explosion (those electricians knew what they're doing). Now the cool part, we got a mapp gas torch with an oxygen tank and we mounted our 50 pound plus potato cannon to a tree with bunjee cords, etc. We injected the chamber full of mapp gas and pure oxygen and went to clicking. Of course, we have hooked up a long wire to the ignitor so we could back away and...
Way, way cool, but the potato flew out so fast that it turned to mush upon leaving the 1.5 inch 5 foot long barrel. OK so of course we had already thought of this problem so that's why we made it so the barrels are removable with male/female adapters so we put on the six foot long barrel and that fixed it. Now the potato flies so far we have no idea were it went or where it landed. OK I'm done typing but if you're attempting to do stuff like this; be safe, be smart, type to ya later.

Name: Kyle Peake
Fuel: Acetylene (welding gas)

Comments: Potato gun are kool

Name: Brian Kelsheimer
Fuel: Disinfectant spray

Comments: Shoots way farther and is more powerful than any hair spray

Name: Nicholas Browne
Email: kornbizkit1985
Fuel: Right Guard Deodorant

Comments: Right guard is one of the best fuels because it is cheap and it has propane, butane, and other highly flammable gases plus it leaves no residue. Believe me I have tried it all. Hairspray is a joke!

Fuel: Oxygen and Propane

I nearly had my leg broken when my 4 inch to 3 inch to 2 inch to 1.5 inch combustion chamber blew off and hit my leg. Lots of blood and pain! The potato got stuck in the barrel and the hot gases had to go somewhere (the reduction chambers accelerates the gases towards the barrel). Now my cannon has a milk crate shrapnel cage around the chamber!

Name: Paul Moreau
Fuel: Right Guard (Brown)

Comments: A great fuel I use is Right Guard aerosol deodorant in the brown can.
It is more powerful than WD-40 and leaves no residue.

Name: Pyro King

Comments: Use ISO Plus hair spray. It's actually hair oil with a very fine mist and lots
of butane and you can see the mist.

Name: Mike J
Fuel: Gumout Air Intake and Throttle Body Cleaner.

Pros - Powerful, huge flame, get some good distance
Cons - Smells bad, black smoke, probably leaves residue in chamber

Name: Mike B.
Fuel: Cologne+Kerosene

Comments: I prefer to use cologne. It has a bit of a kick if a lot is used with kerosene.