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Stuff I've Drawn
I created most of these using MS paint.

Game Boys
^ These are 2 Game Boys I made using MS paint. The one on the left is what I call Gameboy Advance Classic Edition and the one
on the right is the Gameboy Advance SP classic edition. Both modified in Paint to bring back the memory of my original Gameboy
(It would be better if I had Photoshop instead)

Computer Stuff
^An old computer I owned had an Advance Micro Devices (AMD)
386 processor. The case badge sticker was created using an Athelon
XP sticker and MS Paint (Just erase Athelon XP and type 386 over it.)

The picture of the processor itself is real. Note that these old computers had
the processor itself soldered directly to the motherboard and no heatsinks!

This was actually a picture from Popular Mechanic's magazine that I added some text to
(Note: don't confuse this with the H2 SUT; this is way smaller than that. Think of something the size of a Chevy Blazer)

Now that the actual H3 is avaliable, you may compare this with actual H3 to see what changes have been made from the original

Random Stuff

A little "disaster scene" I drew. This has to be one 'STRONG' Tornado if it could lift up large buildings or suck airplanes out of the sky!
*Click picture for the large version

My stereo system that I plan to put in my car. So complicated that I had to draw myself a diagram.
*click to see the large version.

A ' very ' old drawing from my original picture gallery. I
call it "MAD-DONNA" (Pronounced "Madona")

^ This is a flourescent light ballast I wipped up while I was bored one night


I made these signs myself using a program from They are all over my room or inside my computer case