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The Links Page

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Just some links to my favorite websites. I add new sites every once in a while
(Items marked New! have been added during the last site update)
Forums, Message Boards, and Chat rooms
A discussion group on lighting and electronics
Broadband and telecommunications.
Recreational Vehicles
Audio/Visual discussion group
A great forum regarding those "blue headlights"
Have an invention or idea?
Discuss your idea here and get advice on what to do.
Yep, there's even a site on those "noisemakers"
Potato cannon forums, what else?
Everyone knows about this site where friends get together but did you know that it originally was a "mass storage on line" (a server where you can store stuff) web site that once held some MP3 files for my website before it went out of business and sold the domain name to what it is today

I Built with Trellix Web instead of using HTML
The company that made it possible fore me to create Andrew's Page.

Makers and distributor of good software including netscape and now Firefox, the only browser you need to know about.
Not my company even though we have the same name.
This company makes radio equipment.
Sprinkler company that makes the best irrigation products
A timer company; they make the timer for my outside lights
Manufacturer of weather stations and other equipment
Inventor of Air Conditioning
Well known camping equipment company but they now make more than just camping equipment
My (former) neighbor's company. He does power washing
NYE Thermodynamics Inc
Who put a JET ENGINE on a boat?
Makers of the Mag Lite and Mini Mag; the best flashlights ever made
This is the company that makes those "space pens" which work in zero gravity enviroments. I personally use one.
This company makes the pencils which I like to use (Ticonderoga brand pencils) when I'm not writing in pen.
Most famous for making computer mouses (or mice if you will) but they make other good computer peripherals
My favorite magazine
An old TV show favorite but they also have a magazine

My school (I helped build their first web site freshman year)
I graduated on June 15, 2005
This is a community college I am currently attending.

Need a new barbecue grill? Go here.
A place where you can buy popular grill accessories
A place to buy cool home automation gadgets
Where I get my LED flashlights
Surplus electronic components
Buy some very powerful magnets here
Buy anything for cheap here
Auction off or bid on anything here
Not just a place to buy books anymore
This place sells great hobby stuff including R/C Cars, model planes, electronic kits, airsoft guns, and other things people like me may be interested in.
Another hobby store on the internet but they have a retail store near my house.
Great place to buy computer products and related hardware

I know gas is expensive here in So.Cal. Here's a web site with that shows you the lowest and highest fuel prices just about anywhere in California

Hear your car or truck exhaust before you get it
Power inverters (those things you plug into your cigarette lighter to get 120 volts)
More power inverters
Probably where I always purchase home electronics (I got my laptop here)
My friend likes to get his computer equipment here
Hardware store (and one of my favorite places)
This is another hardware store favorite

Personal Sites
An Australian site with info on the latest computer stuff
This guy has a lot of cool gadgets in his home
The site that started me on potato cannons. Also check out the electronics section.
The world's first virtual LED museum
The only site that shows how to build a motorized scooter
Who else put a jet engine on a boat (and a go-kart)
A group web site with good info on alternative power
An alternative fuel site
Classic video games such as the Atari 2600 and NES plus making entire handheld video game systems out of consoles
Radio controlled aircraft and homemade gas turbine/jet engine site.

Other Cool Stuff
Best computer generated movie involving a plane
Funny video clips
A site that lists mistakes or nitpicks on every movie made
The real story of the rocket powered Chevy Impala
You can make some cool banner graphics here
Another graphic designer site
A site with info on the Grand Theft Auto video game series
I like this clock
Time shown on the US Atomic Clock. You can also download a small program here to set your computer clock to the official US time.
More Clocks. This is where I got the clock on my homepage
This site shows you how to make some really good paper airplanes. I've tried them and they can fly up to 3 times farther than the one's you might have made in math class
A cool "Stealth" paper airplane.
Cool scientific projects
More cool projects and stuff to build
Website with pranks and other adventurous stuff.