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About Us

About Us
About Andrew's Page
This web site started on August 17, 2000 while I was in 8th grade when I downloaded Trellix Web. I decided to create a small personal web site about my self and some of my favorite hobbies which included potato cannons at that time. Thanks to Trellix, I was able to create a small but working web site in just one day. It took me the next day signing up with Tripod to host my site. This site first started out as a single personal web page but has since grown to include many different areas. Since I always thought of owning a company, I formatted the navigation bar to resemble a company web site (hence the "Products and Services" link which leads to my other web pages). I originally named this site "Andy's Page" as Andy was a nickname that my cousins used to call me but the name was changed to Andrew's Page after I decided to post my normal name with relation to my URL.

About Myself (Last Updated Dec 27, 2005)
This was the picture on my first homepage

I'm Andrew Yu  (hence the URL yu.andrew) I was born in Fullerton, CA and moved to Chino Hills shortly after I was 4 years old. I've lived in Chino Hills most of my life. My interests include science and history at school but I also enjoy playing with electronics and mechanical devices plus drawings and animations as well during my free time.

I do all of the work on updating and maintaining this web site when I have time. Just until mid December of 2005, my computer were on a 56K Dialup connection which took a long time to update my site. I have DSL now and it allows me to update my site quicker, but being a college student now, I also have more homework to do and need time to study. Because of that, I don't really update this site very often.

Still, I hope you enjoy this short intro of myself and my "company" history. Feel free to sign my guest book and enjoy your visit to other areas of my web site.

                                                                                 -Andrew Yu