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My first potato gun finally fell apart after many uses. It was quit cheap being made only out of junk anyone may already have (Hence the name) I haven't been playing with potato guns since then but just recently, I thought up of another potato gun that is also made with junk people may have lying around.

Anyway, I haven't started work with it  yet. The only parts I have right now is a 2 liter bottle, ignitor button, and duct tape. The barrel calls for an extension tube for a vacuum cleaner or a 1 1/2" pipe; both of which I do not have at this point.

Anyway, the idea is to tape the pipe to the neck of the bottle, put a spark plug and igniter in the bottle, load it up, then fire.

More to come soon when I get it to work.

Update 3-13-04: I was cleaning up the this weekend and I found parts of my Go-Ped scooter that I had left over. The slid tube for the handlebars seems to make a perfect barrel for this cannon.

As for the ignitor, the best place I found is to place the spark plug at the very bottom of the bottle. To keep the design simple, all that is going to fire the plug is a push button piezo ignitor for a gas grill. No special high voltage device will be used.

Update April-16-04
I just found out from my limited range that the slide tube may be too short. Anyway, a better barrel made from 1 1/2 inch diameter sewer pipe should work better. Make it about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long. The longer barrel should shoot farther and allow you to use bigger projectiles.

Update: July-04-04
Sorry, haven't been doing much work on this site. I did manage to make a small prototype but had some unexpected results. What happened was I decided to try using Rubbing Alcohol as a propellant and the alcohol stayed burning after shot instead of extinguishing. That melted the bottle I was using for the chamber. Guess it is time to find another bottle.

Update: March-3-2005

As of now, I've pretty much ditched this design and went on to rebuild my original Econogun with new improvements
I've post the plans and design for this gun  if anyone want's to try it. If you do try this design, please notify me and tell me how it went

Construction of the Econo Gun II

You will need:

An empty 2 liter soda bottle

Strong Duct Tape (3M Scotch Heavy Duty)

Pipe for barrel (Can be 1 and 1/2" or  2")

Ignitor (See Ignition Devices Page)


Assemble as Shown above. Don't skimp on the tape, make sure you connection
is good and tight as you don't want it to come apart.

You can fuel the cannon by unscrewing the sparkplug and spraying any fuel you want in.

Load projectile through the barrel as usual. The cool thing about this is since the chamber
is clear, you can see the fire inside the combustion chamber; very cool to see at night.