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Soon after I got my soup can and pipe cannon to work, I decided it needed a name. I called it the Econo Gun because it was very simple to build and uses few parts. There is no push button piezo ignitor, you need a fuse for firing or you could fire it by inserting a lit match into the ignition hole ( Not recommended !)

You will need:

A 3 foot section of 2" or 3" landscape drain pipe (I used a 3" pipe)

A soup can the same inside diameter of the pipe

Hammer plus a nail or a drill

Duct Tape

String or other suitable fuse

Construction :

1.Wash out the can and remove the lid.

2.Place can upside down and use a hammer and the nail to make a small hole in the end. (Or drill the hole using a 2/3 inch bit)

3.Duct tape the can to one end of the pipe.

Fireing :

Spray Hairspray or Deoderant into the cannon through the barrel

Put your projectile in the the barrel and carefully slide or push halfway down.

Soak the string in kerosene or lamp oil or use your own suitable fuse if you have one

Point the cannon where you want to shoot

Insert the fuse into the hole. Light the fuse and yell out "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

(Alternate Fireing Method; Announce the fireing and insert a lit match into the fuse hole)


If the gun fires, Congratulations; you have a working model of the simplest potato cannon design

Well, there you go this was my first homemade cannon. See Econogun III for my new and improved version.