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Most common thing to shoot
When you run out of potatoes
Great for parties, new years, or to mess up someone's yard. Load half a potato or a styrofoam cup first before the confetti
Tennis Ball
Load a tennis ball (Fits best in a 2 in diameter barrel)
Trailer Hitch Ball
It is like a slug for a potato cannon. Be careful, this will go through an oil drum
Molotov Cocktail
Fill a small glass bottle with a flammable liquid. Stick a rag or a cotton ball into the neck of the bottle. Load with rag facing the combustion chamber. When it hits the ground, boom!
Rocket propelled potato
Load a potato to get the correct size then remove and hollow the rear of the potato and insert a model rocket motor (C6-5). Insert a firecracker fuse into the rocket and load. When fueling the cannon, spray a small amount of gas onto the fuse. Launch as usual.
Glow Sticks
The type you bend to activate. Load a potato and stab an activated glowstick 1/4 of the way into the top of the potato before pushing the potato all the way into the barrel. Launch at night.
Dry Ice Bomb
Put dry ice into a zip-loc bag and use a hammer to crush the dry ice. Pour the crushed dry ice into a plastic bottle that would fit in your barrel. Meanwhile, have a friend or helper load a potato and fuel the gun. When the gun is ready, pour hot water into the bottle, put the cap on and quickly load into the barrel then launch immediately. The explosion sounds like a M-100 firecracker.

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Note: I will not include anything that I think is crazy

Suggestions From Guests:

Projectile: A piece of putty and bottle rockets without the sticks.
Comments: Preferably the screeching type of bottle rocket.

Name: Matt
Projectile: Lime and a flaming barbie
Comments: Stick a piece of lime for wading in then light the barbie
doll's hair on fire. Slide it down the tube and fire

Name: N/A
Email: N/A
Projectile: Walnuts Greens with hulls on
Comments: None

Projectile: Battery
Comments: Make a slug out of a D sized battery and some tape. Wrap the tape
around the battery and shoot. Puts holes in plywood and sometimes explodes on contact.

Projectile: Golf balls
Comments: Load a potato then drop in a golf ball in front of potato.
Since they go out of sight quickly after firing, they go farther than 350 yds.

Name: Alsef
Email: fsfsdf
Projectile: Water
Comments: Put water into barrel (only works for compressed air cannons)
then fill up with a ton of air and shoot. CAUTION KICKS VERY HARD.

Name: John
Projectile: Paint Balls
Comments: Use a wad of toilet paper first then load about 20 frozen paint balls and shoot it

Name: Nick
Projectile: Tomatoes
Comments: Do not shoot directly at someone; IT HURTS! Aim at the ground in front of them.

Name: Steve
Projectile: Caulking tubes
Comments: Use all but about 2 inches of any type of a caulking tube.
 Make sure that all the weight is next to the point. Fits very snugly in a 2 inch barrel.

Name: Jeff Wilson
Projectile: Paint ball Canister
Comments: Wanna make a mess? Fill a 100 round paint ball canister with paint balls;
don't put the lid on, slide down the barrel top-side-up (might need wadding depending
on barrel size), shoot!

Name: Jon
Projectile: Frozen potato
Comments: Stick the potato into you barrel to get it the right size then take it out and freeze.
I've seen these things go through a tree.

Name: Jeff
Projectile: Flaming Flour
Comments: Fill a bag with flour and shoot it; it should make a trail of fire and/or a big white "poof"

Name: Tony Danza
Projectile: Balonie
Comments: Cut up some balonie and put it into a plastic bag and add a little
water into it so it is mushy as a wrinkled toe in a pool, and fit it snugly into wet
wads and shove the big meat in there. THERE YA GO!

Name: Josh West
Projectile: Golfball wrapped in duct tape
Comments: Wrap the duct tape around the golfball untill it will fit snug to the tube.
Push to bottom of tube and then launch.

Name: John Cain
Projectile: Play Doh
Comments: Roll up a ball with Play Doh and load then shoot.

Name: Jacob & Russell
Projectile: Rocks&Socks
Comments: Take an old sock and stuff it with enough rocks to fit the barrel of the gun.
Fuel the gun with ether. Then let the rocks fly.

Name: Patrick and Matt
Projectile: Dead mice
Comments: They shoot really good, and make a good splatter!!!!!

Name: Austin
Projectile: Golf Balls
Comments: Be careful, we blew a hole in an old car door.

Name: Sam  
  Projectile: Wood  
Comments: 2 inch diameter stick you can get them from hardware stores;
 put wading to keep it in place then load and fire; quite destructive.

Name: Sam  
Projectile: Concrete Rebar  
Comments: Yeah, this is messed up but really cool. Load a potato and drop
a 3 foot long piece of rebar in after. This is generally considered a weapon
at this point so don't be dumb; this will go through metal and such.

Name: Sam
Projectile: Chain  
Comments: Load a potato then load a chain into your cannon. I've seen this
take 3 or 4 branches off a tree and keep going so be careful!

Name: Sam  
Projectile: Flechets  
Comments: Load a cup and then fill with bbs or pellets; pennies will do as well  

Name: Sam
Projectile: Eggs  
Comments: Load a potato then slide a few eggs in after. The potato will stop
before the eggs and the eggs actually stay together untill they hit.

Name: Spud chucker
Projectile: Flaming Spud
Comments: Size a potato, then pin a wad of steel wool onto the back of the
potato (part facing chamber). When shot, the steel wool will be burning like a
bad skater.

Projectile: The Works
Comments: Take a plastic bottle and put "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner in it
(a little less than half full). Drop some aluminum foil or magnesium strips in the
bottle. Quickly cap, load, and fire! May explode before hitting the ground. Must
be fast with hands.

Name: None
E-mail: None@none.none
Projectile: Nails
Comments: Take half a tennis ball and put it with the round side
down in your gun and then pour in nails.

Name: bla bla bla
Projectile: FIRE BALLS
Comments: If your barrel is small enough, soak a tampon in a
a flammable liquid and watch it expand. Shove it directly into
the barrel and shoot. It looks awsome at night time.

Name: Russ
Projectile: Container filled with Paint
Comments: Its Awesome

Name: Jordan
Projectile: Paint balls
Comments: Put potato in then add paintballs.

Name: Tony
Projectile: Cement slug with nails
Comments: Get a piece of pipe that fits in your barrel. Cap one end and fill with
quick set cement and stick 5 nails (sharp end facing up) halfway into the wet cement.

Projectile: Feces
Comments: Load a spud and put $hit in after it. It smells and makes one big mess.

Name: Vladimir
E-mail: n/a
Projectile: Old & moldy fish sticks
Comments: Load a tomato in and put the fish sticks on top. For a big mess,
add 2 cups of tatar sauce! {Hint, shoot your mother in law's window at night!}

Name: Tom
Projectile: Flaming Tennis Ball
Comments: This is awesome; soak a tennis ball in a flammable liquid and it
makes a nice meteor at night

Name: Marc
Projectile: 8 oz fishing weights
Comments: I have shot these through a tree. **NOT FOR SHOOTING AT PEOPLE

Name: Cornwallis
Projectile: Paper Dixie cup/small bathroom cup
Comments: Carefully cut thicker rim off the top of the cup, fill with paintballs, rocks,
marbles, small nails/screws, etc. Cover open end of cup with blue masking tape and
let her rip! (sometimes dosn't work)

Projectile: Rubber Wiener
Comments: Load into a 1 1/2" diameter barrel (depending on width of course); fire as usual
and watch it wiggle.

Name: Pete
Projectile: FireBalloon filled with Meths; keep it small and it will not break. Tie some rag around neck and soak
Comments: Utterly crazy.
Small balloons are very resillient, flex to fit barrel snug, may need water lubricant. may explode into a flaming mess,
First testers should execute extreme caution. Awesome when perfected. Untested, try it for me!